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We are a group of locals and transplants with one thing in common - we recognize the need for a queer hub. Places like Chester Street served as a place to gather and celebrate as well as build new relationships where you could feel safe. Together, with our fellow queer folk and allies, we plan to build a space that invokes the joy and abandon of those weekends while moving its energy into the future by centering accessibility and safety - all while investing back into the community.Our concept is more than just a place to grab a drink and dance, it is a representation of the diversity and passion of the queer community. Whether you’re stopping by for drinks with friends, to dance the night away, or just to hang out in a welcoming and inclusive space, this will be the perfect place for it. 


Our Pillars

These Pillars will help shape our business as we design it and as it moves forward.


While our community didn't just disappear with the loss of a local hub, it has fractured. One of our main goals is to provide a space that will help us all reconnect and get to know the new faces. Featuring "get to know your neighbor" and regular weekly scheduled events, we can create enough opportunities to really be involved with our community. We want to branch out and be more involved. We won't just be a bar, we will build together and support each other. By fostering a space focused around a healthy and open minded view of our entire community, we can hopefully bring everyone closer than ever before!


Inclusion goes far beyond just recognizing everyone under the rainbow. We have to make sure that space is specifically curated for those who may have felt left out in the past. Have you ever felt that how you identify hasn't always been acknowledged and accepted? We promise that we will always have a place for you and we will fight to make sure you feel valid. This also means having accessibility being at the forefront of our minds at all times. Ensuring there is always space and proper accommodations for those with disabilities is very important to us. We will always strive to make sure all of these goals are met and if we fail, we are receptive to critique. 


One of the best things about C-U is the local scene for small businesses. We hope to build relationships with local vendors, artists and musicians who also share our desire to see the queer community thrive. By hosting special spotlight events on other local businesses, we can build strong connections and maybe help raise awareness of lesser known services. Doing this allows us to work closely with each other and see that we all succeed.  


A big question is, how will we make sure this space is safe for anyone within our walls? While there are many possible options, we are leaning towards the best methods available to keep any situations in house, and make sure that everyone is taken care of. With comprehensive surveillance, we will do our best to appropriately handle any situations that arise. Another method is to have in house security who will be visible and present to ensure the safety of our patrons. We want approachable staff our patrons are welcome to bring concerns to.


Our Goals and the Future

We've accomplished a lot since out last update!​Thanks to some very generous donations, we have been able to secure a local business and patent lawyer, (Julie King, seriously, if you need anything go see her!) and thanks to her we have officailly secured our LLC. EQ217 LLC will be moving forward in partnership with local businesses to host events for the local LGBTQ+ community in their spaces.​These events will serve multiple purposes, while they will act as a way for us to secure more doantions and hopefully intrigue any investors, they will also act as a way for us the start engaging with the community more directly.​Our current objectives are to finish securing at least a State of Illinois Trademark, however, with the addition of a kickstarter we are also looking into acquiring a Federal Trademark. On top of those goals, we also need to secure capital to make the purchase of the location we are interested in. We really want to keep this location accessible and that is why we are pushing so hard to keep it centralized in Downtown Champaign. ​You can always check back here for updates, but moving forward, more real time updates for us and our events will be found on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

The early goals we set out to accomplish, we've managed to meet with suprinsingly little difficulty. So now it's time to go ham on fundraising and benefits. We plan to reach out to LGBTQ+ supportive podcasts, Twitch streams, etc. Anything we can use to get our message out there to make this space happen. There are so many resources nowadays besides loans and grants and we intened to make use of every single one we can.​At the start of the year we will begin the process of securing grants and branching out our search for invesstors and donations using online resources like Kickstarter. We have a hefty monetary goal to make and we can't just rely on on the support of our amazing local crew, securing investors is critical to the success of this venture.

While the future isn't set, that doesn't mean we don't have plans for it. At open, our business will operate at all ages from open until 7PM, after which it will convert to 21+ for entry. Don't despair, we will host events frequently that will be available to 19+ and all ages events. We just need time to get our footing and iron out any wrinkles. We intend to plan events that will allow us to accommodate everyone, regardless of age. All we ask is, please be patient with us while we work to make this the best possible place we can for a variety of people.

Currently, we have very little in the way of funds. We are asking for donations in any amount to help us accomplish the goals listed above. This money will be used at the direction of the board to meet those goals. We will not be using the money to pay ourselves or help with our personal bills. This is money will go directly into the construction of this space. Full disclosure, as we will not be a non-profit,  donations will not be tax deductible. It is a gift you are giving so we can create the venue we all need. Thank you so much for anything you can give, it means the world us.

 Paypal Donation

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When we say "By the community, for the community" we mean it. We want your feedback and ideas to help us curate a space we built together. Below is a link to a survey. We are asking people to fill this out so we can make our establishment something truly spectacular.If you have any questions outside of the survey, you can contact us here:

Community Engagement and How to Contact Us
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Upcoming Events

Here is a list of Local events you will be able to find us. Feel free to swing by, say hello, and support your local community.

January 25th, 2024

Virtual Art Auction and Variety Show 6PM-10PMHosted by The Space in downtown Champaign 1 E Main St Ste 107

We will be offering a selection of works from local artisits that will be available to bid on via a virtual auction that will go live one week before the event and will close at 10PM on the 25th.The Variety show will feature performances from local menace and drag king royalty, Spank Knightly, and the darkly hypnotic belly dance stylings of Nyx.

Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to follow our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram for more consistent updates!

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